Höhenprofil/ Wanderkarte - Te Araroa - Elevation Profile/Map

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Juhee! Freut euch, we proudly present: unsere Te Araroa Höhenprofil-Wanderkarte. Hier findet ihr (wie im AWOL für den AT) den ungefähren Höhenverlauf des Te Araroa. Die Daten und das Layout sind nicht bei weitem noch nicht perfekt aber es ist ein Anfang. Behaltet im Hinterkopf, dass es nicht 100% akkurat ist und jetzt: VIEL SPAß DAMIT!!

Yippee! Rejoice! We proudly present to you the Te Araroa elevation profile map. You can find here (like in the AWOL for the AT) the approximate hights of Te Araroa. The data and the layout are far from perfect but its something. Keep that in mind that they are not 100% accurate and now: HAVE FUN WITH IT!!

Download: South Island (South Bound / SoBo)
Download: North Island (South Bound / SoBo)

Download: South Island (North Bound / NoBo)
Download: North Island (North Bound / NoBo)


  1. Hello! I am a recent 2016-17 thru-hiker and I'm trying to locate data to create a elevation profile of my own. Would you mind sharing the data points you used to create your elevation profiles? I would greatly appreciate the gesture!

  2. Hi, I have downloaded the GPS files from the TA site ( https://www.teararoa.org.nz/downloads/) and used them as a basis to create the elevation profile. It's not a very accurate method though. I might be able to find a better way to do it after the end of our trip.


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